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Group Rates (8 or more)

Group travel in Costa Rica




Types of Groups

    • Family Vacations/Reunions


    • Senior Travel


    • Groups of Friends


    • Church


    • Weddings


    • Amateur Sports Events


  • Orchestras
    • Educational Tours/birders/photographers


    • Student Groups/choirs


    • Agricultural Tours


    • Ecology Tours


    • Culinary Groups


    • Language Academies


  • Sports/Soccer/Baseball/Biking and more
    • Continuing Education Credits


    • Corporate Retreats/Incentives


    • Arts & Entertainment/music groups


    • Civic or Social Organizations


    • Non-profits


    • Special Interest Groups


  • NGO’s



Why Choose Costa Rica Guides

    • We have been coordinating group travel in Costa Rica since 1993.


    • We are a Tour Operator and Transportation Company, therefore we can offer competitive rates and flexibility to accommodate your needs and requirements.


    • We have excellent references from previous travel groups from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Holland, France and Japan.


    • We personally inspect, evaluate and guarantee the quality of our providers, hotels, transportation, restaurants, and any service included in our packages.


    • We love working with groups and are committed to offer you the best experience possible!


Please contact our expert group travel team. We will be glad to assist you planning and coordinating your trip. Call us toll Free: 1-877-281-8515