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Don Juan Coffee and Chocolate Tour

Enjoy a journey through the history, culture, and traditions of the two golden crops of Costa Rica – chocolate and coffee! You’ll visit The Don Juan farm in Monteverde and be taught about the processing methods of coffee and chocolate in a very hand on way: you’ll be invited to participate in all steps of the process- harvesting, peeling, roasting and grinding. You’ll also get to experience one of the best parts of the tours- tasting the fruits of your labor!


Duration: 4 hours

Location: Monteverde

Estimated Departure from Monteverde: 6:30 A.M.

Learn about the history and importance of coffee in Costa Rica as we demonstrate coffee processing from field to cup. Did you know that the coffee bean begins its life inside a red berry? Head out into the fields and see for yourself! After we harvest these red berries, peel them, and roast the beans, we’ll sit down to well-deserved cup o’ joe. Many people have said that this cup of coffee is the best they have ever tasted, as their appreciation for coffee has grown stronger after witnessing and participating in the technical and long processing steps!

Cacao has a similarly long process. Have you ever seen where cacao comes from? While in their pods, cacao beans are actually covered in a delicious fruity pulp that you can snack on before roasting the bean. Yum! After learning about the process and history of chocolate making, you’ll be impressed to see what REAL chocolate looks and tastes like. This kind of chocolate has a range of health benefits, so don’t feel guilty about eating lots of it!



USD $36


Children 5 -10 years old $33.00
Minimum age: 5 Years old
Less of 5 years are freeBook Now

Minimum age: 5 Years old

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Walking shoes
  • Sun block