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Santa Rosa National Park & Liberia City Tour

This park is the most important monument on the protection of our dry forest and freedom after the independence, there is located “La Casona” where in 1856 the costarican army compound by countrymen beat a group of filibusters that tried to conquer the whole central American territory.


Duration: 9 hours

Location: Liberia

Estimated Departure from Guanacaste: 7:00 am

At the same time you have the chance to walk thru the dry forest that contains 2% of the worldwide biodiversity at one of the trail where you can see monkeys, birds, deers and many more animals.

After the hike we take our way to Liberia City, where you can still walk around the center of Liberia and have a glimpse of what was the white city. Historically, Liberia has been called “La Ciudad Blanca” because of its white adobe houses, white dirt roads and its people who dressed all in white because of the extreme heat.

You have the opportunities for buy some souvenirs in this city meanwhile we show you the historic places.



USD $105


Adults $105.00
Children under 5-12 years old $82
Minimum Age 5 yearsBook Now

Minimum Age 5 years

What to bring

  • Running shoes
  • Spending money
  • Hat
  • Sun block