7 Reasons Costa Rica is a preferred wedding
destination by US and Canadian couples

For many the number 7 is a symbol of fortune and good luck. In the spirit of the benevolent nature of this number, this article lists 7 reasons why you should consider getting married in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica a mere 3 or 6 hour flight from many of the major International Airports in the US; a short trek. The benefit; save time, avoid jet lag and spend less on airfare and more on the wedding.

REASON 2 – EASY TO ORGANIZEwedding-ceremony-villa-caletas-costa-rica-1024x682

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the top destinations spots for weddings abroad, and in turn is able to leverage decades of experience in tourism with respect to accommodations, transport, catering, and events. The benefit is seamless support in all aspects of planning and scheduling ensuring you success.


From ordering the perfect arrangement of exotic tropical flowers to feeling a genuine sense of warmth as a result of the attentiveness of the staff you can rest assured that your every whim will be catered to. And several travel packages are available often allowing you to coordinate your wedding and honeymoon together. The benefit is that you will receive an unprecedented commitment to personalized service and an unsurpassed level of value, allowing you to really go for it and live it up.


This country is small, but what it lacks for in size it makes up for in its robust culture. To that end, this country which has no standing army invests heavily in the arts, education, and other more humanitarian endeavors. The benefit is you will feel a sense of peace and calm during your stay.

wedding in costa ricaREASON 5 – EASE

In order to get married in Costa Rica there are few requirements including but not limited to a valid passport, and 2 witnesses. The benefit; minimal red tape, thus helping to reduce the level of stress and anxiety, and allowing you to spend more quality time with each other.


AIR OF ROMANCE Costa Rica is an ecological diverse land in terms of unique fauna and flora, and is home to many exotic species of flowers not found anywhere else on the planet, allowing you to escape to a captivating and mystic enchanting romantic oasis. Case in point, Costa Rica has over 1200 species of orchids, some of which are specific to the region. These beautiful flowers come in all shapes, sizes, scents, and unforgettable colors, such as pinks, symbolizing youth, innocence and joy and purples, which are often tied to royalty and ceremony that will mesmerize your senses.

(the editor’s choice as the number 1 reason to get married here)

Costa Rica is unique in terms of its´ wide range of beautiful and awe-inspiring locations. From exotic beach locations to charming rustic and often lush mountain settings, and/or breathtaking backdrops such as Arenal Volcano, you will not be disappointed.

Imagine yourself walking down the isle, in an open expanse overlooking the sea below; the mystical hum of the surf and the refreshing cool ocean breeze playfully rustling against the train of your beautiful wedding dress. And the delightful scents of wild orchids, the guaria morada (a timeless, and delicate flower with a deep purple hue) which surround you. This is just a taste of the unforgettable experience that beckons you. Costa Rica Wedding Planner

So go ahead and book your flight to Costa Rica, and may good luck and fortune await you.